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I Heart You Square Triangle

Kristin Carlson Becker

Kristin Carlson Becker is an artist and writer currently living in Moscow, ID. Her artistic practice is inspired by the organic relationship of written choices and visual choices, which she uses to describe daily experiences. The verbal and visual sides of her creative process feed off one another to create a more complex result: her final pieces may be viewed as double-sided compositions, postcards, letters, personal maps, and/or prints (see PDF of Artist's Statement).

Kristin's academic research focuses on the ways in which image-making and creative writing can be combined to enhance the teaching of creative process in the college classroom. Kristin holds a MFA in Printmaking from Indiana University, Bloomington (2010) and a BFA in Photography from Rhode Island School of Design (2003). She currently teaches in the in the English department at Washington State University in Pullman and has taught as an associate instructor at Indiana University in Bloomington (see PDF of Curriculum Vitae).